Pattern Spotlight: Camo Accessories for Your Car, Home, and Closet

Posted by Lillian Shaw

Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:03

Camo iPad Case
What’s your favorite design from our Car Couture™ collection? We have oriental, leopard, zebra, and our new two-tone mats -- just to name a few. Each of our 14 patterns is stylish and unique, but it’s the camo pattern that is perhaps the most versatile.

Camouflage is a French word, derived from the verb camoufler meaning to conceal. The term, often shortened to just “camo,” became widely used in the English language during World War I. But it did not take long for the pattern of irregularly shaped splotches of green, brown, tan, and black to go beyond the military realm and enter the fashion and consumer world. 

Today, the camo pattern is still wildly popular with both men and women, and it’s used in clothing, home decor, pet accessories, and more. Over on Pinterest, we’ve been pinning a lot of camouflage-themed inspiration for this post.

Here are 9 of our favorite camo items!

Camo Car Mats

Not only does GG Bailey have the best in luxury-weight, stain-resistant carpets, but each mat is custom made to fit your car exactly. Even large, protective cargo mats like this one are custom made.

Camo Cargo Mat for Cars and SUVs Camo Custom Car Mat from

Same goes for our auto floor mats like this one. Start the process by visiting and selecting your car's make, model, and year. 

Camo Jacket Two Ways

Camo Jacket for Women Two Different Ways

If you were doubting the versatility of a camo jacket, doubt no more. In this photo you see how two very similar jackets can be paired with very different styles.

Camo for the Home

Camo Entry Mat from GGBailey

Camo rugs and mats can also make great indoor or outdoor decorations. Here, a camo entry mat pairs nicely with a camo pet placemat

Camo in Men's Fashion

Camo Jacket for Men

Dapper Camo Brogue Men Shoes

Camo is so versatile it can be used by men or women, for polished or grunge fashion statements. It all depends on your personal style. 


Camo for Kids

Camo Bedding for Teen Bedroom


Camo Overalls for Toddlers and Babies

Shop now for beautiful camo car mats and rugs. 


 Design Your Car Mats 

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