Celebrate the US World Cup with Custom Car Mats

Posted by Daniel Bell

Wed, Jul 08, 2015 @ 10:30

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team just won the World Cup, making the U.S. the first country to win three of the World Championships. 

The U.S. soccer craze has been growing all across the country since last year's men's World Cup tournament, and we have a unique way for you to celebrate your country's team. We already created two personalized car mats in honor of Team USA last year, but this year we have World Cup winners to celebrate, so we decided to use our Design Your Mats™ system to design a couple more car mats using red, white, and blue options. 

When you custom design your own car floor mats with GG Bailey, there are only four steps but thousands of design combinations, so the look of your car mat is completely up to you. You get to choose the carpet color, the edging style and color, the heelpad color and shape, and then add any embroidery or monogram or your choice of one of our logos.

In addition to a soccer ball and American flag, our logo options also include a number of summer and beach-themed options, including a sail boat, anchor, lobster, palm tree, whale, and alligator. We also have additional sports logos, including football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and racing. 

See the steps below to see how we design our latest World Cup inspired car mats.

Pick a carpet color

The custom car mat design process starts after you enter your vehicle year, make, and model, submodel (if required), and decide how many mats you want (front only, a whole set, or a cargo mat). Then you pick your carpet. We have 10 carpet colors to choose from. To design our U.S. mats, we picked black carpet for both. 

All of our Design Your Mats™ carpets have a European velour look and are made of the strongest, most durable and trouble-free carpet fibers available. These carpets have been developed with built-in resistance to soil and stains, so you won't need to worry about the wear and tear of regular use. We work with the world's leading yarn suppliers to design our own carpet. We produced the first European velour car floor mats in the United States, and our mats are now the standard in the world's most elegant automobile models.

Our car floor mats are made with superior stain resistance and backed with our Open Cell Foam backing to prevent mat movement. Request a free swatch kit if you are unsure which carpet color is best for your design and we'll send you samples of each of the carpet choices, including the patterned carpets of our Car Couture™ line, at no charge.

Pick an edging style and color

The second step is to choose your edging style and color. We offer two types of edging: serging and binding, which also includes reflective and ribbon edging. Binding is a smooth fabric edge and serging is a stitched yarn edge. Both types present a professional, finished look. 

Our premium Saratoga ribbon bindings come in polka dots in several colors, plaid and stripes, and our L.A. bindings are available in camo and two reflective options. Our standard binding comes in nine colors, and our serging is available in 21 colors, including a pair of two-tone choices. 

For this step in our soccer-inspired designs, we picked a red serged edge for one of our World Cup car mats and a blue serged edge for the other mat. Both are popular colors, and both look great wrapped around our black carpet. You can check out more examples of the edging options by clicking here

Choose a heelpad color and shape

The next step in the car mat design process is to choose to add an extra level of protection for your car mats with an optional heelpad. This exclusive option will extend the life of your car mat by preventing wear on your driver side mat with an extra thick carpeted pad that goes under the heel area. All of our heelpads are applied with a special finished edge and are available in two styles – rectangular or round – and 19 different colors. 

Adding a heelpad to our soccer inspired car mats was an easy decision, as it allowed us to get another color onto our custom car mats. We decided to go with a blue rectangle to constrast the red edging and a red circle to contrast the blue edging. 

Heelpads are the best way to upgrade the protection on your floor mat from daily wear and extend the life of your new custom car accessory. Click here to read more about why you should add a heelpad when you design your custom fit car mat.

Personalize your car mat

The last step to design your custom car mats is to personalize it with a custom embroidery or logo. Our personalized embroideries are available in block or script lettering and in 18 color options. Your selection is directly embroidered into the carpet, and you can choose a custom word or phrase up to 10 characters (including spaces), your initials, the classic look of a traditional monogram, or our new single letter monogram

To complete our U.S. soccer car mats, we chose to use the slogan "I Believe We Can Win" that fans have been chanting and add the words "I Believe" to our mat in white script. For the other mat, we picked the block font and white embroidery to add 3 Stars in to match the three stars on their uniforms that honor the U.S. Women's National Team's third World Cup win. 

If you prefer a traditional monogram to a custom message, be sure to enter your initials in order. We will then move your third letter to the middle and make it larger than the outside letters. If you prefer your initials in order, all the same size, simply choose the embroidery option, then your font, and type the letters as you'd like them to appear. See more examples of the options by clicking here

Once you complete your custom car mat purchase we will make and ship your newly personalized floor mats in two business days.

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