3 Things About Digital Fit Floor Mats You May Not Have Known

Posted by Emily Bailey

Fri, Nov 13, 2015 @ 09:48

Zebra.jpgDigital fit floor mats offer various protective features for the mat, the car and the driver while enhancing the vehicle’s original aesthetics; some features of GG BAILEY vehicle floor mats include Mat-Loc retention clips, a heel pad, polypropylene and the list continues.

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What else does having a digitally fitted car mat in your car offer?  Some things you may not have known about a digital fit car mat are that they can be created using different techniques, they are custom manufactured and they are a perfect fit.

1. GG BAILEY's Method

The first thing you may not have realized about digital fit car mats are that they can be digitally designed using different techniques. You may be familiar with WeatherTech’s DigitalFit method which uses a laser to digitally design and cut their automotive floor mats.

At GG BAILEY, we digitize all of our car mat patterns; however, unlike WeatherTech, we do not use a digitized laser in our process. Rather, we cut our mats on state of the art automated cutters that follow a digitized pattern to produce a more precise cut.

2. Digital fit means custom quality

One of the major benefits of having a digitally cut automotive car mat in your vehicle is that it is naturally infused with quality. Many of the safety features mentioned earlier in this post are a part of how GG BAILEY adds quality to their automotive floor mats. But, they also provide customization.

Quality is an aspect of having a functional car mat. Since an automotive car mat is designed to protect your car’s interior, wouldn’t you want it to be made of quality material and cut with high quality precision methods?

3. Digital fit is the Perfect Fit

When an automotive car mat is manufactured using digitized patterns, you can count on it to be a perfect fit to your vehicle. These car mats will fit the shape of your vehicles floorpan exactly like the factory mats since a digitized pattern specific to your vehicle would be created and used for a precise cut and shape.

Having car mats that fit your vehicles floorpan perfectly restores the sole function of it which is to protect your car’s interior. The idea is to keep the quality of your vehicles interior the same as when you first purchased it- if not better.

The Digital Difference

Car mats cut using digitized methods fit your car floorpans perfectly, are more precise and add custom quality. There are other automotive floor mat manufacturers that produce digitally fitted floor mats, such as Weathertech; however, a digital fit car mat designed by GG BAILEY, captures your luxurious aesthetic preferences and pairs it with the advanced safety qualities in each mat produced.

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