Mat-Loc®: How We Ensure Your Custom Car Mats are the Safest

Posted by Daniel Bell

Fri, Mar 29, 2013 @ 12:55

Here at GG Bailey we value car mat safety as much as we do car mat quality, so we take three main steps to ensure your personalized car mats surpass all others in that regard: Fit, Mat-Loc® backing and Mat-Loc™ Clips.

The first feature, fit, achieves good appearance if a custom automoblie mat is used.mat loc clip custom More importantly, a custom fit will prevent movement of the car mat, which is critical on the driver’s side. The position of the mat is intended to remain in its original location to meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications. And if your car comes with grommets for holding the mat in place, our custom car mats are designed to match those OEM specifications. 

Second, is the first OEM qualified manufacturer to offer an engineered backing used by the OEM market directly to the consumer for any vehicle. Our Mat-Loc® backing has been used for 30 years on floor mats in the best engineered vehicles in the industry.

Third, even with a custom fit mat with an engineered backing it is critical to use a good retention system, and GG Bailey uses the versatile Mat-Loc™ Clips system, which can be used with our custom car mats as well as our luxury car mats in any vehicle. 

To learn more about the details of the three main steps we take to ensure your personalized car mats are as safe as they are beautiful and durable, check out our free white paper on the topic. This detailed explanation should answer all your questions, but if not, you can also contact us for personalized car mat help. 

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