Pointy Pumps: Footwear Fit for Luxury Car Mats

Posted by Drew Dillard

Mon, Apr 01, 2013 @ 03:59

Step into spring with style, and let your shoes make a bold statement. One design is making a comeback in women’s footwear fashion. Care to take a guess? This popular trend of the 1960s is traditional, sophisticated, and very ladylike – the pointed-toe shoe.

“When you think of the pointed-toe shoe, you think of Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy,” said Gregg Andrews, fashion creative director of Nordstrom. “You think of those very famous fashion icons from the 1960s, but then you tweak it and you make it very 21st century.” Spring is the season of color, with bright hues in handbags, pants, jewelry, and of course, shoes.

Use your shoes as a mean of expression, but make sure that the shoe both physically and stylistically fits. Be aware of your body, and shop according to your height and weight. A thin heel can make heavy calves or ankles appear heavier, so wear heels in accordance to your leg size. In regards to height, the taller you are, the more elongated the pointed toe can be.  

Below, we have included women who lead the way in fashion footwear:

Sarah Jessica Parker wears pointed toe shoes

As stylish as pointed-toe stilettos are, they create wear and tear on your car mats. So how can you protect your car? We recommend purchasing a custom-fit car mat with built-in heelpad. This additional piece of carpet is adhered to the mat around where the driver's heel sits, and it provides extra protection where it's needed most.

Kate Middleton wears pointy toed shoesWhy purchase GG Bailey custom car mats?

  • GG Bailey made the first heelpad. In fact, Racemark International (GG Bailey's parent company) continues to make and supply heelpads for the finest car companies in the world.

    Carpeted heelpads provide comfortable cushion for your foot and extend the life of your car mat AND your shoes. By absorbing dirt and water, the carpet protects you shoes from getting smudged with mud.

  • GG Bailey mats are made with automotive-approved and tested polypropylene and nylon fibers. Even without a heelpad, our luxury car mats will wear better and last longer than mats made with residential carpet.

  • GG Bailey custom-fit mats are tailored for your car's specific make, model, and year. When a car mat fits perfectly, it won't move around under your feet. 

  • Car mats from GGBailey.com also come with a retention system. If your car's design doesn't include grommets to keep the mat in place, we'll throw in some of our patented Mat-Loc clips to attach the mat to the floor. 

  • Cameron Diaz wears pointed toe shoesAll GGBailey.com mats come with non-slip foam backing that won't budge and also won't damage your car's interior with tiny holes like the non-slip backing on some car mats.

At GGBailey.com, you can design your own floor mats, including color, heelpad, edging, and embroidery, allowing for fully personalized car mats.

Why sacrifice fashionable shoes just to protect your car’s carpet? Don’t! Buy your set of custom car mats today.

Design Your Car Mats

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