How Many Companies Are Working on Autonomous Vehicles?

Posted by Emily Bailey

Wed, Nov 02, 2016 @ 09:00

Automobile manufacturers have been relentlessly working to create a safe, fully functional and solely autonomous vehicle for over the past decade; so far, companies such as TESLA and BMW have produced successful semi-autonomous vehicles.

IT companies, like Google, are even rolling up their sleeves and dipping their hands in autonomous vehicle production and have created an autonomous prototype vehicle.

Top 5 Companies Working on Autonomous Vehicles

Scroll through our list of companies that have created an autonomous vehicle that you can soon enjoy on the road too.

#1 BMW

Autonomous i8 concept car


Bringing semi-autonomous and autonomous features to their vehicles, such as their Model 3 which has over 350,000 pre-orders.


#3 Uber

Partnering with the University of Arizona to develop indigenous self-driving, mapping technology.


#4 Microsoft

Collaborating with Volvo and leveraging Microsoft’s HoloLens Technology.

#5 Apple

Prioritizing the development of an autonomous driving system not necessarily a car itself.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, hinted at the existence of the car project a the annual shareholders meeting. 

Here you can check out a full list of companies working on autonomous vehicles, thirty-three to be exact.

The race to autonomous driving is almost complete. Which company do you think will get there first; tweet us @GGBAILEY or leave us a comment below?

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