5 Luxury Monogrammed Car Mat Ideas

Posted by Emily Bailey

Wed, Feb 03, 2016 @ 04:36


If you’re a bona fide yogi, you may own a monogrammed yoga mat or two; however, there is a big difference between embroidering a monogram onto an item verses printing a monogram onto an item.

Direct embroidery lasts longer and has a higher quality look and feel. 

Dictionary.com defines embroidery as: “The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver or other material upon any woven fabric, leather, paper etc., with a needle.”

Ever since the first car was developed, the automotive industry has continued to reinvent and improve vehicle designs. Whether they are fossil fueled or battery powered, automotive transportation is readily available in most countries.

People like monogrammed items that can be passed down from generation to generation or have a personal value and significance. Whether your car was a gift, passed down from generations or your own purchase, your car is an investment.

Having a custom fit car mat is a way of preserving your automobile; personalizing your car mat is how you make it a one-of-a-kind extension of you.

Personalizing your car mats with the classic design of an embroidered monogram is one way to make your mark in automotive innovation and begin a legacy that could be passed down from generation to generation.

The Many Ways to Embroider a Monogram

GGBAILEY offers a variety of embroidery designs that you can have fun with while designing your car mat. From picking a heel pad and carpet color to choosing your favorite edging and embroidery color, you will have fun personalizing your car mats.

When designing your monogram car mat, you can choose between:

  • 18 embroidery colors
  • Whether you want a 3 or 1 initial monogram
  • Block or script style fonts

We went ahead and created a Top 5 list of some of our favorite carpet and monogram color combinations and picked a perfect edging to pair. Here are some combinations that make our Top 5 list at GGBAILEY:

  1. TimelessMonogrammed Car Mats

Black lettering on Black carpet with Black reflective binding

  1. Neutral 

Beige lettering on Cream carpet with Caramel binding

  1. Sporty 

Red Lettering on Black carpet with Red and Black two tone serging

  1. Fun

Chocolate Brown lettering on Pink carpet with Mocha Polka Polka Dot Ribbon saratoga binding

  1. Bright

Kelly Green lettering on Beige carpet with Multimane Stripe Ribbon saratoga binding

Every monogram, logo and lettering is embroidered into your car mat at GGBAILEY. This is important if you are wanting to design a piece that is meant to last for years and not just the momentary impulse of a purchase.

Why Monogram?

Monograms are entrenched in historical roots. They remain a timeless staple with a classic appeal decade after decade. 

The most functional accessory that remains a constant in the automotive industry is a car mat. What better way to have fun and showcase your style than to personalize a piece of your vehicle that will never go out of style.

GGBAILEY Carpet Car Mats are for All Weather All the Time

Proudly Made in America for over 40 years and currently providing luxury in millions of vehicles around the world.

Monogrammed Car Mats


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