4 Ways to Prepare Your Electric Vehicle for a Road Trip

Posted by Emily Bailey

Thu, Aug 04, 2016 @ 10:58

What comes to mind when you think of road trips? Is it winding around mountains or cruising along the coast with the salty air weaving through your fingertips as your hand hangs out the window?

What should you do to prepare your electric vehicle for your next road trip

Whatever nostalgic thought that comes to mind when you think about taking a road trip across country or to a neighboring state, the car selection has vastly changed.

No longer do you have to plan your trips around oil changes and gas prices; now, it’s all about mapping out your charging stations.

With the acceleration of environmentally friendly vehicles and the fluctuating gas prices, road trips can be enjoyable again without worrying that you’re harming the environment or going to spend a fortune on fueling upinstead, you can spend about $5 on charging up.

If you were to go on a road trip adventure in a classic gasoline fueled automobile, there are certain things you should prepare for, such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Tune-ups
  • Tire pressure
  • Miles-per-gallon
  • Gas prices and stations

Similarly, if you’re planning a road trip in your electric vehicle, there are some things you should prepare for.

4 Ways to Prepare Your Electric Vehicle for a Road Trip

While there are much fewer things to prepare your electric vehicle for, in comparison to gasoline powered vehicles when venturing on the open road, you should still be mindful of a few things.

The following are 4 tips to help you prepare your electric vehicle for your next roadside adventure.

Check each tires pressuremap out electronic vehicle charging stationsCheck the climate conditions before a long roadtrip with an electronic vehicle

1. Get a Checkup

An electric car can still benefit from an overall checkup to make sure it is road trip ready.

2. Check Your Tires

If your car cruises the road on rubber wheels, then your tires are subject to low pressure. Double check that the air pressure in each tire matches the suggested level of pressure which is typically labeled inside the driver’s side door frame.

3. Charge Your Batteries

While electric vehicles don't have carbon emissions and don’t require gasoline fuel-up’s, they do require battery charges.

If you’re planning a road trip in your TESLA, there is a safety feature that won’t allow you to travel outside 400 miles of a charging station to prevent you from getting stranded; however, this is only applicable if you are inputting the destination zip codes into your TESLA’s routing system.

TESLA also has a supercharger network which can charge your TESLA Model S or X for up to 170 miles in about a half hour for free.

Depending on the charging station and the muscle, weight and battery of your electric vehicle will depend on how long it can take to recharge your car’s battery.

So, when you map out your charging stations, you’ll want to choose charging stations that serve multiple purposes and offer you some amenities, such as restaurants.

4. Climate Conditions

An often overlooked aspect of planning a road trip in your electric vehicle is the climate condition. Extreme weather can reduce the performance of your electric vehicle causing it to consume approximately 15-40% more energy per mile equating to a lower driving range.

Plan a TESLA Road Trip!

Electric vehicles are outlining new ways to prepare for road trips while reducing your carbon footprint, and TESLA is celebrating it.

Join TESLA’s Electric Road Trip and celebration of TESLA owners driving over 2-billion miles without relying on gasoline.

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