What to Expect from the Auto Industry in 2017

Posted by Emily Bailey

Wed, Jan 11, 2017 @ 09:59

North American Car Of The Year - 2017 Chevy® Bolt EV

North American Car Of The Year - 2017 Chevy® Bolt EV - chevrolet.com‎-

If you thought last year, 2016, was an exciting year for the automotive industry, then put your seatbelt on for 2017.

There are many factors weighing in on the future of auto makers and vehicle trends for this year. Like any industry there is a series of challenges expected with growth and change.

For example, some of the challenges facing the automotive industry this year include:

  • Geopolitical factors in an uncertain economic forecast 
  • Possible petrochemical growth according to the ACC predictions
  • Macroeconomic conditions
  • Technology meeting emissions and fuel economy standard and associated costs
  • Compliance with new regulations

The industry may be tackling some forecasted challenges, but it’s also advancing in technology integrations per new vehicles.

5 Tech Trends Driving the Automotive Industry in 2017

Last year introduced some of the futuristic concepts and this year, we should see them begin to be implemented if not enhanced and brought to an entirely new level!

According to a recent article from Techcrunch, you can expect to see the following 5 trends unfold in the automotive industry this year.

#1 Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) solutions are going to begin integrating into new vehicles with things including smart head-ups and infotainment displays and repair shop apps. But AR isn’t just for the driver’s convenience, it’s going to help mechanics visualize what needs to be fixed before touching a wrench too.

#2 3D Printing

Car manufacturers are beginning to utilize the benefits of using 3D printers for production. You’ll see more and more car manufacturers using 3D printing to construct a basic car making it more cost effective and even more efficient to design and create automobiles.

#3 Autonomous Driving

Autonomous cars are still be tested and produced to satisfy various regulations and safety requirements; however, there are many autonomous functions that will start appearing in nearly every new car.

#4 Audi Technology Reads Traffic Signals 

#5 Electric Axles

“Electric axles, e-axles, that are added to front-wheel drives improve performance, handling and bad weather abilities for a reduced cost and with less fuel consumption than 4-wheel drive systems.

Expect to see more of them, particularly as 48-volt electric systems become more common.  It’s a rare fusion of technologies that can simultaneously offer engineering benefits and give buyers some of today’s most desirable features,’ SAE editorial director Visnic said.” - Techcrunch

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