Why You Should Choose: Luxury Car Mats

Posted by Emily Bailey

Fri, Jun 17, 2016 @ 03:47

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Your car mats should be a personal expression of your style and vehicle. Your car mats protect your car’s interior, so wouldn’t you want to invest in quality car mats that protect and look great while extending the life of your vehicle?

3 GGBAILEY Luxury Car Mat Facts

When it comes to custom car mats, there are three main features you should shop for:

1. Comfort and Style

Luxury car mats offer many color and design options for the carpet and trim. 

Luxury carpet car mats are the preferred choice of those who want high quality car mats that look great while protecting their vehicle.

GGBAILEY luxury car mats have over ten carpet colors and nine woven carpet designs to choose from and endless combinations with custom edging, heelpad and embroidery styles and trims.

Free Download: 4 Pro Tips Cleaning Your Car Mats

2. High Quality Interior Car Protection

Having a quality car mat is a great start to protect the interior of your car; however, you should aim for quality protection which means quality materials. 

GGBAILEY luxury car mat carpet is comprised of durable stain resistant carpet fibers designed to trap and hide any liquid and debris.

3. Customizable

Your car mat should be customized to how you want it. When you shop for your GGBAILEY luxury car mats, you are part of the four-step designing process  that lets you customize as you go.

Will You Choose Luxury Car Mats Over Rubber or Thermoplastic Ones?

Thermal Car Mat

While generic rubber, or thermoplastic car mats, are great for catching all kinds of spills and crumbs, they aren’t known for their ability to trap those substances leaving your shoes vulnerable to damage.

Have some fun and design your next set of luxury car mats!

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GGBAILEY Carpet Car Mats are for All Weather All the Time

Proudly MADE IN AMERICA for over 40 years and currently providing luxury in millions of vehicles around the world.

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