10 FAQs About Custom Automotive Floor Mats

Posted by Emily Bailey

Thu, Dec 10, 2015 @ 03:58

Will snow on my boots ruin my car matsHave you ever purchased something, and you later realized how uninformed you felt about the product or service? Often times any question you may have concerning your purchase is generally found on an FAQ page of the organization.

These question and answer pages are usually very informative and helpful for the user since they are the most common questions received.

As a supplement to our FAQ page, we want to elaborate on some of the top ten frequently asked questions regarding custom automotive floor mats.

Top 10 FAQs

I’m having trouble finding my make, model and year; do you design mats for my car?

Yes! We offer personalized car mats for all brands, makes and models.

If you have an antique or a classic car; however, you can browse through here to see which model, make and year we design car mats for.

If you have an antique or a classic car not on our list you can learn how to take your vehicles floor mat, trunk mat, or cargo pattern with our pattern making kit

Design Your Car Mats

Do your carpet colors match with my vehicle? 

GGBAILEY carpets will compliment the interior of most vehicles. We offer more color variety than most, and we are the only company with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive quality carpet, backing and retention systems.
GGBAILEY car mats are tested to top vehicle manufacturer standards which cannot be found in other post-market products. For your convenience, we offer a carpet swatch kit to help you find the closest coordinating carpet if you do not want a contrasting carpet color or pattern. We also create our carpet images online to represent the true color.

Will I have to replace my car mats frequently? 

GGBAILEY car mats are designed with the finest quality materials and are durable to handle daily wear and tear in all weather conditions - year round. You may choose to replace at any point in time. Many consumers even have an extra set of mats for special occasions and events.

How do I care for my car mats? 

Our carpets are designed with one of the most durable and trouble-free stain resistant and fade resistant carpet fibers available. For general upkeep and care, we suggest vacuuming regularly and to remove any spill as quickly as you can. Only wash by hand with carpet cleaner. 

Are custom fit car mats a good gift? 

GGBAILEY car mats are a great and practical gift for anyone who has a car, and they are also customizable. If you’re not the creative type, you can purchase a gift certificate and let your giftee enjoy the fun shopping experience with GGBAILEY. GGBAILEY car mats are a gift that can be enjoyed everyday.

Do I have to wait long until my order gets here? 

All of our car mats are designed based on your creative and personal style. Due to our innovative and efficient manufacturing process, most orders are ready for shipment within two business days and we ship within the U.S. and Europe 

What type of customer service do you provide? 

GGBAILEY’s customer service can be reached via email at service@ggbailey.com. For our U.S. customers you can call 1(866)644-2245) between 8am and 5pm EST Monday through Friday

What other products do you offer?

In additional to our custom car and trunk mats we offer a line of sheepskin products including seatvests, wash mitts and dusters and other car accessories including our car vacuum. We also offer home and pet products. 

How are GGBAILEY car mats different than thermoplastic all-weather mats?

GGBAILEY car mats are made from carpet that you select and they can be personalized. We offer a variety of customizable styles for your car’s interior while offering full protection from all weather elements. Bottom line - GGBAILEY carpet car mats look great and protect your footwear and vehicle in all weather conditions.

Where do you make your car mats? 

GGBAILEY is proud to manufacture our car mats in the USA and in Europe.

Feel free to take a peek at some more of your most frequently asked  questions by clicking here to view our FAQ page and learn about our European shipping policies.

Custom Car Floor Mats Free Swatch Kit

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