BMW Vision Next 100 in Autonomous Driving

Posted by Emily Bailey

Tue, Mar 22, 2016 @ 02:30


March 7th marked BMW’s 100th anniversary. To celebrate their commitment to innovative technology and trends, they introduced their newest concept car NEXT 100 which showcases BMW’s advanced ingenuity and forward thinking.

Autonomous driving is no longer a futuristic dream; it’s closer than you can fathom and BMW’s latest concept car proves it offering two driving modes, Ease and Boost.

In Ease mode, the driver can literally take it easy when driving; the car will kick into the autonomous driving mode and the driver becomes a passenger who can join in the conversation and leisurely activities with the rest of the car’s passengers. In Boost mode, the driver can rekindle their connection with their BMW and take control of the wheel.

A unique feature that this visionary concept car has are flexible geometric shaped fenders that conceal and move with the direction of the wheels.

This is a digitally advanced ultra luxurious sedan that accommodates to the twists and turns of the road-- with or without the command of a driver. BMW wanted to design an automobile that meets futuristic and driver’s needs while preserving the driver’s connection with their BMW.

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