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Posted by Emily Bailey

Tue, Mar 21, 2017 @ 06:43

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News Update: Presented at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, the all-new BMW 4 Series models as well as the new 450 hp BMW M4 Coupé from BMW M.

Unlike the new comer car manufacturers, such as Faraday Future and TESLA, BMW has a rich history of luxury, comfort and style paired with muscle and power since 1929.

BMW has grown to have a many vehicle series, 10 to be exact.  The one we’re highlighting today is the BMW 4 Series as an ultimate luxury small car that comes in 3 body stylesCoupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible.

As you’ll notice, this 4 Series is a classic combination of art and intelligence. Not many sports cars can achieve up to 34 mpg, but the BMW 4 Series brings efficiency to the arena of sport cars by adding “Air Breathers” behind the front wheel arches to help reduce drag.

This vehicle is equipped with engineering features that allow for stiffer suspension making handling and 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds agility a breezenot to mention the twin turbo engine that reaches 300 horsepower!

The 2017 BMW 4 Series has one 4-cylinder engine paired with a 6-cylinder engine that makes for quick acceleration.

Below are some of our favorite stats on this vehicle, according to U.S. News:

  • Ranks #2 in Luxury Small Cars
  • Ranks #5 in luxury convertibles
  • Overall Score of 8.8/10
  • Seats 4-5
  • MPG: 17-23 city; 24-34 highway
  • RWD and AWD drivetrain
  • 248-444 horsepower
  • 2 new engines in the 2017 4 Series
  • 428i is now the 430i
  • 435i is now the 440i
  • Large cargo space
  • Active safety features
  • Athletic handling
  • Powerful engines

What’s Your Favorite BMW 4 Series Feature?

There’s no doubt about it, the BMW 4 Series is a top luxury small car that combines muscle and luxury.

Tweet us what your favorite feature of the BMW 4-series vehicle is!

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