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Wed, Aug 26, 2015 @ 10:00

Home Mats Pet Mats2At GG Bailey, we are best known for custom fit car floor mats -- but we also make home and pet mats using our woven Car Couture™ carpets. 

In addition to sheepskin rugs, we have home carpet mats available in medium (30"x17"), large (48"x25"), extra large (57"x25"), and double door sizes (72"x32"). Best of all there's no need to sacrifice fashion for utility when you can get a GG Bailey mat that protects your floors in high-traffic areas while adding style that complements your fine decor. Whether the desired style is traditional, contemporary, or a little of both, you'll find the right fit among our 11 designs of Car Couture™ luxury-weight carpet.

The same patterns and carpets that we make our home mats with can also be used to make pet placemats. The rectangle pet placemats come in two sizes: small (10.5"x19") and medium (13"x24"), and we also have a dog bone shape with our Bone Pet Placemat (29"x17"). Our pet placements feature all the same benefits as our home mats and treat your four-legged friends to an upgrade in style.

sisal home floor matOur woven, strain resistant polyurethane carpets come in Beige Chariot, Topkapi, Red or Black Oriental, Beige Plaid, Camouflage, Leopard, and Zebra. Our Subtle Style carpet, available in beige and grey, is specially made with high-quality nylon yarn that is cut to create a simple and elegant two-tone pattern. See examples of all the patterns by clicking here

We also recently added a new man made sisal to our home and pet mat options. Our new sisal mats are made of luxury quality polpropylene that will resist signs of wear thanks to long lasting fibers. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture, meaning this mats are great for indoor or outdoor use, with no overhead covering required. The fibers are 100 percent UV stabilized, so you don't have to worry about the color fading, and the special rubber backing means the mats will stay in place while being safe in all weather conditions. 

All of these products will be shipped for free if you order this week, thanks to our on-going free ground shipping* special. No coupon codes or vouchers required -- simply pick the free shipping option when you check out. 

Just like our high quality custom designed car floor mats, we ship our home and pet mats in two business days or less. And there is no limit to the number of items we can ship for free, so if you combine a car floor mat order with a home or pet mat order, we'll send it all your way at no cost to you. 

Our home mats are made for the entrance and exits from your home for those areas of transitions from a hard surface to a carpeted area. You can also use them in places where you would prefer a plush surface underfoot, like in the bathroom or in the kitchen as chef's mat.

Home mats are important for keeping the outside dirt from tracking into your home. Mats should be placed at all entryways to be truly effective. The floor mat's main function is to remove the small particals of dirt as well as oils and other liquids that can be tracked from the outside.

Floor mats are also useful wherever there is a transition from a hard surface to a carpeted area. Locating home mats in these areas addresses two concerns. One is the difference in height between a carpeted area and hard surface. Typically, the carpet fibers are a little higher than the hard surface and as a result, feet scrape across the fibers creating excessive wear. The other consideration is oily and loose particles on the hard surface being carried onto the carpet fibers. This is especially important if the hard surface is the kitchen.

An internal mat, whether on the hard surface or the carpet, can minimize both concerns.
While the function of doormats and internal mats within the home is beneficial, they can sometimes create a conflict with the visual presentation and feel you want to achieve. But when you get your home mats from, you can choose from 10 different high quality designs to ensure you get the perfect look. 

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