The Top 10 Selling Vehicles of 2014

Posted by Daniel Bell

Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 08:21

Top 10 of 2014Today is the final day of 2014, so we at GG Bailey have decided to look back at the year and see which vehicles sold best this year. 

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The rankings below are based on finalized numbers through November and projections for December. 

2015 Ford F 150 truck1. Ford F-150

It should come as no surprise that America's long-time best seller is once again at the top of the list. Ford’s F-150 pickup has outsold every other vehicle in America by a huge margin. 

Ford had sold more than 430,000 F-150s by July, and most of the year the company has averaged more than 60,000 of the trucks sold each month. 

2015 chevrolet silverado2. Chevrolet Silverado

Despite challenges for the automotive maker in 2014, Chevy's Silverado has not seen a slow-down in sales, as it is the second-best selling vehicle across all segments this year, another clear sign that Americans love their pickup trucks. Of course, the Silverado’s new redesign has definitely helped spur on sales.

2015 toyota camry3. Toyota Camry

Toyota's immensely popular sedan, the Camry has put all of its competitors firmly in their place. Camry sales were particularly eyebrow-raising during the first half of the year, handily smashing sales of the Civic, Altima and Accord. Toyota sold 28,846 of the vehicles in November alone, an increase of almost 14 percent compared to 2013. 

2015 Ram 15004. Ram 1500

The final pickup truck to appear on the list, the Ram 1500 had an impressive start to 2014 with sales of just under 240,000 through the midpoint of the year. A recent redesign and the spinning out of the Ram brand out from under the Dodge label helped the Ram truck line really picked up a lot of momentum among customers. Shoppers got an early jump on the Ram this spring, as March was the biggest month in terms of sales with more than 42,500.

2015 honda accord5. Honda Accord

Much like its younger brother the Civic, the Honda Accord has a very valuable name that routinely ranks near the top in sales. Nearly 40,000 Accord units were sold in May alone, and during July, another 35,000 were moved. More recently, Honda sold more than 25,000 in November. The Accord has been a best-seller in the sedan segment for a long, long time, and it doesn’t appear this year will see a dramatic change from that narrative.

2015 Toyota Corolla6. Toyota Corolla

Toyota’s Corolla has gone head to head with the Civic for many years, and so far in 2014, it’s winning. A bit more than 205,000 Corollas were sold by mid-year, with May, June and July being the best months. A recent redesign has spurred on sales, as new aesthetics and augmented interior features have pushed purchases throughout the year. It also checks in with the lowest starting price on the list. That lower price and high gas milage spurred another 25,500 sales in November.

2015 Nissan Altmia7. Nisaan Altima

Another Japanese sedan that has taken the top-seller list by storm, Nissan’s Altima has had an impressive year by beating out the popular Honda Civic. Although it didn't quite crack the top five, more than 203,000 Altima models were sold across the country before the end of summer. Despite its placement in an incredibly competitive sedan segment, the Altima is proving it can hold its own.

2015 Honda Civic8. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a perennial favorite and had a strong year like usual. Attractive because of cost, fuel economy, and reliability, the Civic posted more than 23,000 vehicles sold in November alone. Final sales for the year will almost approach 800,000. 

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2015 Ford Fusion9. Ford Fusion

Ford again cracks the Top 10 best selling cars list with the Ford Fusion. Ford certainly has found a hit with its sedan, which offers a formidable competitor to similar vehicles from Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. The Fusion has seen steady sales most of the year, and had moved 189,440 units by mid-year. Again, more Fusions sold in May than in any other month so far this year, as the summer sales season kicked off. The Fusion offers very good gas mileage and a pleasing design, propelling it up the best-sellers list.

2015 Hond CRV10. Honda CR-V

Honda’s popular CR-V compact crossover finishes the list, with total sales of more than 183,000 through the midpoint of the year. Consumers are attracted to the CR-V’s incredible versatility and capability, as well as its high resale value. It’s ideal for families, but can also be used as a commuter vehicle as well. Sales peaked in May when more than 32,000 CR-Vs left dealer lots.

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