10 Custom Ways to Personalize Your Vehicle

Posted by Daniel Bell

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 02:23

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If you value your vehicle and treat it like a member of the family, then you, like us, are probably always on the lookout for custom ways to personalize your ride.
Nothing sets your vehicle apart from others on the road like customized car accessories. 

At GGBAILEY, we make top quality, custom fit, personalized car floor mats, so we think your vehicle should reflect your own style and personality.
Our Design Your Car Mats™ section allows you to design your own car floor mats, from carpet color to embroidery options, and our Car Couture™ features nine patterns of luxury-grade carpet.

So whether you want to custom design your own car mat or pick a stylish animal, oriental, plaid, camo, or other pattern, we have something that suits your needs perfectly. 

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Read more below about how you can customize your vehicle with personalized floor mats from GG Bailey, as well as some other options we like, in our 10 Custom Ways to Personalize Your Vehicle. 

1. Custom car floor mats

custom design car floor mats

Any list of ways to personalize your car would be incomplete unless we included our own customized car floor mats from our Design Your Car Mats™ line. 

There are only four steps to design a set of personalized floor mats but thousands of possible design combinations. You pick from one of 11 carpet colors, choose one of 41 edging options, pick a heelpad shape and color, and then personalize it. You can choose an embroidered name or message of up to 10 characters (including spaces) or choose a traditional monogram, our new single letter monogram, or initials. We have two font styles available -- block text or script -- and 18 color choices. If you prefer an embroidered image instead of custom text or a personalized monogram, we also have 16 logos to choose from.

Our personalized floor mats are a great way to add personalized style and luxury to your vehicle, and they make great gifts too. We can make custom-fit floor mats for all makes and models. You can even personalize a trunk mat or cargo mat with a custom message or monogram. All mats are made and shipped within two business days, so you won't have to wait long to upgrade your vehicle with this personalized car accessory.

Check out our Design Your Car Mats™ section or shop Car Couture™ if you prefer a pattern and get started today. 

You should also know, for a limited time only, we are hosting a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a set of custom designed car floor mats. Click the button below for more information to sign up.  

2. Customized vanity plate

GGB plate

This is a trend that has really taken off recently. Vanity plates enable you to pick the combination of letters and numbers. Most drivers pick something like their initials or name, which is stylish without being tacky. Other driver, though, choose something unoriginal such as MYCAR 1 or COOLRIDE. The trick is to be creative and clever. And remember, your selection must be approved by the licensing authority and fees vary by state.

Another way to add a touch of style to your car is to buy a custom license plate frame. They start at around $10. More expensive frames may have LED lighting. These can be found at most auto stores and also online.

3. Upgraded lights

hid lights

The addition of HID light bulbs as replacement headlights is one relatively inexpensive way to customize your car. Just read your car manual for the proper way to replace headlamps. When you buy your headlamps, tell the merchant the make, model and year of your car. They can determine which bulbs you need. HID bulds provide brighter lighting than standard bulbs, which not only adds style but makes for safer driving conditions. 

Another option to consider with exterior lights are LED bulbs. LED lighting is a great way to add unique looks to your personalized car. LED lighting kits start around $60 and run to around $300. These kits are for lighting effects and appearance and do not replace your legally required lights. Be sure to check your state's laws before adding any non-OEM lighting to your vehicle. 

4. Tinted windows

window tint samples

Window tinting is a style upgrade that also has several functions. Not only do tinted windows add to your car’s appearance, but they also reduce the amount of sunlight that can bake your vehicle's interior during the hot summer months. This means your vehicle will be bit more comfortable when you first get in on a hot day, and reducing the temperature a few degrees can prevent wrapping and cracking along your dash and interior trim. 

State laws vary on how dark your windows can be and what type of tint can be applied (think colors or reflective tint). Whether you do it yourself or have a shop tint your windows, make sure you comply with the state law where your car is registered. Kits for do-it-yourself install start at around $150, and professionals will tint your windows for about $250.

5. Custom wheels


One of the most common and dramatic upgrades drivers tend to make to their custom vehicles is to install new wheels.  Rim packages can be as inexpensive as $50 per wheel to full packages priced in the thousands. If you buy online, you will have to have a shop install them for about $10 per wheel.

The key to this upgrade is picking something stylish that works with your vehicle's look without being gaudy. That means you should avoid the spinning wheels and stick to something a bit more modest.  

6. Intregrate your gadgets

iphone car dock

Most new cars have computer systems inside of them ready to wait on your every whim, but if you've got a slightly older model, you can still integrate your favorite gadgets without too much work.

If you want to go simple, you can mount your phone or tablet in your car with just a few simple items, or do a bit of extra work and actually build the dock into your dashboard. Having a built in dock for your device adds a nice custom look that most people don't have.

Want more than that? You can add Bluetooth and inductive charging to your car too, install a remote starter, secruity system, and more

7. Upgrade your sound system

pioneer car audio

There are lots of options out there for upgrading your stereo system in your vehicle, and to be sure, we're not suggesting you install the sort of subwoofers that will rattle the windows of every other driver on the road. However, quality speakers and a modern head unit will improve your music listening experience while you drive.

Starting with your stereo, you want to make sure your have some the modern basics: CD player, MP3 capability, AUX-in jack that will allow you to plug in your smartphone or iPod, HD radio functionality, and satellite radio connectivity.

Next, most vehicles are equipped with sub-par speakers, but you can have your built in speakers replaced with quality ones for relatively cheap. The difference will be immediately noticeable. If you want even more quality sound, you can op for the addition of an amplifier to truly take advantage of your new speakers.

Lastly, make sure your new accessories are being installed with quality wire, because these often over-looked part can really make a difference in quality.

8. Add vinyl graphics

mb vinyl

Vinyl graphics are a great way to dramatically change the look of your vehicle because you can add pretty much and color or pattern to your car without having to paint. So, when you decided to make a change, all you have to do is peel it off.

Vinyl graphics will set your car apart from the rest of the pack. You can select matching cut cast vinyl stripes for either side, or go with the single or double stripe over the hood, roof, and trunk.

Whether it’s a flame decal by the front wheels or some complex artwork on the side doors, putting some eye-catching designs on your ride will help it stand out. You can put them on yourself or have them affixed professionally by a company specializing in custom vehicle wraps. With a wrap, your entire vehicle could have a whole new look. 

9. Trim panels

trim panels

This is a relatively simple way to tweak you vehicle's interior. You can search for a nice prefab pair of panels, or you can simply remove the ones you have and paint, cover, decorate, or customize them yourself. There are a lot of options for most vehicle types available online, and if you decide to do it yourself, the only limit is your imagination. 

If you want to really draw the new interior design all together, match your panels to your custom designed car floor mats.

10. Seat covers

sheepskin car seat

Seat cover options range from stylish to wacky, so the cover you pick is all up to you. For the best fit, make sure you are looking for a seat cover made especially for your make and model. At GGBailey.com, we make our personalized car floor mats to custom-fit your vehicle when you order, so you know you will get an ideal fit. 

If you don't want to cover your entire seat with a new look, consider our Sheepskin Seat Vest Cover or Sheepskin Bucket or Bench Seat Cushion. Available in seven colors, our sheepskin seat accessories are universal fit for all seat types and they are every bit as durable and elegant as they are comfortable.

Our thick, deep Sheepskin pile provides natural springy comfort allowing air flow, making seating cool in Summer and warm in Winter. The patented trim cut allows your seat to show, which pleasantly accents your leather or fabric seats.  

All of our Sheepskin products are made from the highest quality 100% Merino Sheepskin and with non-skid backing. 

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