Why International Customers Should Buy GG Bailey Custom Car Mats

Posted by Lillian Shaw

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 @ 10:26

Racemark International, GG Bailey's parent company, created the first carpeted car mat in 1974With close to 40 years of experience, GG Bailey is the premier maker of luxury car mats. Purchase your products from us, and you’ll receive better customer service, faster shipping, and lower costs. To fit the needs of all our customers, we have locations in both North America and Europe, so your order can quickly be serviced, while never having quality sacrificed in the process.


GG Bailey is rich in history. It all began in 1974 when Racemark International, founded by Bob Bailey, was the first floor mat company to create a carpeted auto floor mat. It worked hard to further develop its products and introduce new features that are still used today, such as the heelpad, thick serged edges, elegant binding, and computer-controlled embroidery used for logos and personalization. Fast forward to 2001, the year GG Bailey was formed. It was founded by Bob’s partner, Ginger Bailey, and remains part of the Racemark International group. It is a family owned and operated business that emphasizes the importance of quality and service.

North American Purchases

For purchases made within the U.S., products are proudly American made. A manufacturing plant in Georgia receives the orders and individually makes each car mat to fit the exact contours of the consumer’s vehicle. We never cut corners to speed up production. Since we are an American-based company, we can make your personalized car mats and have them in the ship within two days.

In addition to custom car mats, GG Bailey also sells luxury car accessories, like this sheepskin car detailer.European Purchases

If you purchase online and have a European address, your shipment will automatically be sent from our Swiss plant. Having a European factory significantly speeds up the production and shipping processes, and it saves our international customers money. Not only are European shoppers purchasing the product at the U.S. price, but they are getting the item shipped from a continent-based factory to reduce delivery costs. The same excellent quality is ensured.

Other International Purchases

Beyond filling orders in North America and Europe, we can ship to almost any location in the world. Based on your address, we will send from the closest factory.


GGBailey.com™ offers several shipping options to meet your needs. In the United States, we offer Ground (3-5 days), 3-day Ground, 2-day Express and Overnight shipment through Federal Express. In Canada, we offer Ground (6-8 day) and International Air Economy (4-5 day) shipping options. Internationally, we provide International Air Economy (4-12 days depending on the destination) shipping options. We offer our European customers even greater convenience, by shipping to them directly from our manufacturing facility in Switzerland.

No matter where you live, GG Bailey works hard to quickly service your order. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact customer service. You can call toll free at 866-6GG-BAILEY (866-644-2245) or email service@ggbailey.com. We hope to make your experience both smooth and enjoyable. Enjoy your luxury car mats and ride in style.

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